Branch Media is an Australian based publishing house established in 1994 with offices in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. Specialising in the production of high quality publications, Diary - Building Trades Directories,Suppliers Guides and Safety Wall Poster - Calendars, Branch Media currently provide cost free publications, diaries, directories and safety poster calendars to the Construction,Forestry,Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU)The Electrical Trades Union WA Branch (ETU WA) and the Plumbing and Pipe Trades Union Employees Union - Victoria Branch, WA Branch & Queensland Branch, Transport Workers Union - Queensland Branch and the A.M.W.U. (Victoria Branch).

Although DIGITAL MEDIA is noticeably on the rise, advertising in PRINT MEDIA PUBLICATIONS still offers some advantages as many of our advertisers are appealing to a specialized section within the Building, Construction, Mining & Energy Industries where direct HARD COPY distribution is the more viable source. Research has shown that PRINT MEDIA has a longer life span than digital display which sometimes drops off after a short time on line. This makes HARD COPY publications an essential ingredient of any company's professional media profile.

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